Bus Driver Appreciation Week – October 19 – 23.

A huge “thank-you” to all of our RSU73 bus drivers. More details approximately casino aus. They do a fantastic job and are much appreciated.

NEW Mini Bus for RSU#73

On July 17th, we took delivery of our new 29 passenger Mini Tour school bus. This was purchased through the State of Maine School Bus purchase program. The bus cost $55,000 with the state share being $48,700.00 and RSU#73 share at $6,307.00. It is a 2020 Chevy/Thomas 6.0 LT V8 gas, equipped with an REI camera system and seats with integrated booster seats.

I would like to thank Superintendent Albert, Kristal Flagg and the school board for making it possible.

Transporation Director
Jim Shink

2019-2020 RSU 73 Transportation Department

School Bus Safety
The transportation department visited each classroom from Pre-K to Grade 5 the last few weeks to teach about school bus safety. Thank you to the teachers and Mr. Harrington and Mr. St.Clair for allowing us to come in and spend time with each class. We had a great time interacting with our wonderful students and teaching them why we do what we do each day…that it is our most important job each day to get them to school safely and get them home safely. We have a portable bus seat that we use for training and the students love it. At the Primary level, each student gets the chance to show how to properly sit and they all learn..”Bottom to bottom, back to back, backpack in your lap”. This is how we expect every student to sit on the bus. Every lesson and bus rule that we go over, we stress about safety.

At the Elementary level, we still teach the same lessons, but it is a little more interactive at this level. Questions are asked and answered, and we love hearing from our students. Our hope is that every student comes away from our training with the lesson that we enforce the bus rules because we care about them and their safety each and every day.


Transportation Department
9 Cedar Street
Livermore Falls, ME 04254
Facilities Director: Ken Vining, (207) 897-6722 Ext. 110
Transportation Director: Jim Shink (207)897-1121
Transportation/Facilities Admin. Asst.  Shawn Keene, (207) 897-1121