Greetings!  I’m Catherine Siggens, the School Counselor for Spruce Mountain Middle School.  The 2017-2018 school year will be my 16th year as the middle school counselor.    Experience helps, but regardless of how longI have been a school counselor, no matter how many lessons, techniques, and tools I have to draw upon, the work remains challenging, exciting, sometimes frustrating, and often life-changing.   School counseling takes courage, strength, commitment and love to be able to delight in the unique, silly, stubborn, fragile, beauty of the “middle schooler and it is with pleasure that I do so.

As a school counselor, I perform the following roles to support and advocate for all students.

  • Individual and small group counseling
  • Classroom guidance lessons
  • Participate in academic intervention meetings
  • Consult and collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators,  agencies and students
  • Respond to school crises or emergency situations
  • Help create a safe and positive school experience

Here are some of the topics that can be discussed during counseling.

Making friends       Liking myself       Getting along with others   Being a “new “kid    Moving away    Bullying

Learning and responsibility        Studying/Organization     Parents Divorce    Death/Grief       Abuse    Drugs/Alcohol  

Why do parents contact the school counselor?                                     

  • Concerns over student achievement                                                                             
  • Social/emotional concerns                                                                                                      
  • Sharing special needs of their child                                                        
  • Family difficulties or concerns  
  • New school registration

How does a student see the counselor?

  • Self-referral
  • Referral by friend(s)
  • Request of a counselor
  • Parent referral
  • Administrative/teacher/staff  referral

Please call my office at any time.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Catherine Siggens, LSW

897-4319  Ext. 243