Bus Routes for 2021-2022



Please note: There will be several roads in Jay/Livermore/Livermore Falls that we will not be taking buses on per our Student Transportation Services Policy EEA.


BUS #19

Driver: Leo St. Pierre

First pick up at 6:30 am

Start at Rt#106, to Strickland Loop off #106 to designated intersection of Pine Ridge Park. Go across Park Street and pick up Campground Road, Old County Rd., Jug Hill Road, and Blind Road. Pick up Haines Corner Road back to Park Street.

Daycares: Tiny Bears

BUS #4

Driver: Jim Morrell

First pick up 6:25 am

First stop at intersection of Park and Hillman Ferry Road, proceed on Park Street to Town Line (Tucker Rd.), back to designated stops at mailboxes at both intersections of Hunton Loop to Dodge Road to River Road to Androscoggin Bluff, River Road, stop at Karn Rd., and then back to Park Street.

BUS #5

Driver: Tim Cote

First pick up 6:25 am

First stop 962 River Road to Boothby Road to Pike Road to South end of Turkey Lane to South Road turning at Jones Way and proceed back to Boothby Road. Turn right on to the Norlands Road to Fish Meadow Road to Gibbs Mill Road. Drop off at Spruce Mtn. Primary School at 7:10 am.

Intown HS/MS stops starting at 7:15a.m.  Depot/Sewell  Proceed to SMMS/SMHS/SMES for drop off

BUS #3

Driver: Derek Blodgett

First pick up at  6:30 am

Start at 1425 Federal Road to Butter Hill Road, back to Federal Road, on to Turkey Lane, Israelson Road, back to Boothby Rd. to intersection of Norlands Road back to Federal Road proceed to Round Pond Road, to Waters Hill Road, then to Spruce Mtn. Primary School. Drop at SMPS at 7:10 am, then proceed in town for Middle School/High School stops at Pleasant/Latham, Pleasant/Church, Church/High, Church/Bailey, int. of both ends of Cargill stopping at Free and Hidden, and Searles, Millett/Knapp

Driver: Ed Melcher


First pick up at 6:55 am

Pleasant St., then to Church St/Searles, Church/Cargill, Knapp St, then pick up at Sherry’s Daycare, then to Richardson to Bemis, Otis, (Carol’s Daycare) Prospect, back to Richardson, to Reynolds/Knapp, Millett/Knapp, Union, Green, Millett (all at int. of Knapp), then to Church, then to Main St.

Daycares: Carol Brown’s, Sherry’s Daycare, Kids R Kids Daycare

BUS #8

Driver: Denise Jamison

First pick up at 6:30 am

Begin at Diamond Road, back to Park Street, to Gilbert Street, to Fayette Road, to Souther Rd. First stop at 18 Souther Road, on to int. of Globe and Souther, int., on to Moose Hill Road to int. of Fayette/Moose Hill Rd. Pick up Fayette Rd. to int. of Royal Drive, to Parkview Ave. to Pomeroy Hill Rd. to Park Street, across Highland Avenue (Oak, Maple, etc.) this now include MS/HS students on these streets

BUS #33

Driver:  Dale York
Parents will be contacted individually for this bus run.

BUS #13

Driver: Don Leseur

First pick up at 6:30 am

*We will no longer be going on Schoolhouse Hill Road. Will stop at either River Road or Federal Road intersections.*

Start on Federal Road (Berry Hill first stop) to Crash Road, Hathaway Hill Road, to Crash Road, to Goding Road, to Botka Hill Road, to River Road, to Maple Lane then back to Robinson Road. Then to SMPS, Then to HS/MS intown stops which include Main/Richardson, Main/Gagnon, Main/Jewell, and Main/Elm St. To HS/MS and SME

BUS #2

Driver: Bernie Laverdiere

First pick up at 6:15 am

First stop on Bean Street to Federal Road to Canton Road to Bear Mt. Road to Shakley Hill Road, back to Canton Road to Church Street to Sanders Road  back  to Federal Road. Drop off at Spruce Mtn. Primary School at 7:10am.

HS/MS stops at Otis Street in Jay. HS/MS then to SMES
Daycares: Bright Ideas

BUS #16

Driver: Dale Quirrion

First pick up at 6:50 am

First stop at Meadowbrook to Moose Hill to Heritage Lane, Tradition Way and Jones Road to Pine Ave, Hillcrest at both ends of Bellaire to Sewell Street, then int. of Spring and High, Baldwin and High, and Munsey and High.  Baldwin/High and Munsey/High are Primary/Elementary stops

BUS #22

North Jay, Walker Hill, Morse Hill area and Intervale Road

Driver: Mark Given

Start time from bus garage: 6:35am

East Dixfield Road from Keep Road to Jay town line, Walker Hill Rd, Davenport Hill Road, Canton Mountain Road, Route 140 from Canton town line to Route 4 (Main Street).

Daycares: Sanders

Take Home Route: Reverse of morning route.

BUS #20

Main Street from School south to town line & lower Chisholm area

Driver:  Dave Richard

Start time from bus garage: 7:00a.m.

Church Street to and including Knapp Street. All of Jewell Street, Main Street from Jewell Street to the School.

Take Home Route: Reverse AM

BUS #23

East Jay area, Lomie River Rd & upper Macomber Hill , Ludden Dr area

Driver:  Tracey Janelle

Start time from bus garage: 6:40am

Lomie River Road, Upper Macomber Hill Road, Plaisted Road, East Jay Road from Soules Hill to Warren Hill Road, Dale Lane(inter), Burrough Road(inter), Belanger Road, Ludden Drive, Barker Street area.

Daycares: Crayon Country

Take home route: Same as morning route.

BUS #21

Driver: Ricki Kelley

Start time from bus garage: 6:50 am

Main street from schools to light. Main street from town garage to fire station. Rt#17 to Quarry Road, Quarry Road to Old Jay Hill Road

Take Home Route:  Reverse of morning route.

BUS #24

Woodman Hill area,  White Ave, Hidden Circle area

Driver:  Don Leblanc

Start time from bus garage: 6:35am

Start on Woodman Hill Rd., Mill View & Fuller Rd,Hidden Circle, Look Brook(inter) Main St. from White Ave to Fire Station.

Daycares: Claire Fournier, Jeannie Gaudet, Bubier’s, P. Donald’s, Couture’s

Take Home Route:  Reverse of morning route.

BUS #12

East Jay Beans Corner area and upper Franklin Road

Driver: Tom Brooks

Start time from bus garage: 6:35am

Franklin Road to Wilton town line,Beedy Road, Soule Hill Rd., Chesterville Rd., Route 156, Rainbow Ridge(inter), Davis Rd., Spruce Mountain Rd. (inter), Bartlett Rd, Franklin Rd., Hyde Rd. to Spring Street, to Forest Circle, to School

Daycares: Joy Turner

Take Home Route: Reverse run to Beans corner, then follow morning route.

BUS #31

Driver: Dave Marquis

Start time from bus garage: 6:35am

Crash Road area, Jay Hill, Summit Street, Belmont Drive, Skyline Drive, Main St., Smith St., Merriman Street,Stone Street, Main St. from light to Summit st.

Daycare: Little People and Me, Robbin’s Nest Daycare

BUS #26

Main From Macomber Hill to Town Line, Maxwell Road, Rolling Ridge, Keep Rd, Quarry Street

Driver: Matt Gaudet

Start time from bus garage: 6:40am

Macomber Hill to town line including Rolling Ridge, Pleasant Drive, Maxwell Road, Keep Road, corner of Barbridge Rd. Greenridge Way.

BUS #30

Warren Hill Road, lower Franklin Road from Hyde Road south to Jay Town Line, including Lavoie Street and Belleview area.

Driver: Dave Howes

Start time from bus garage: 6:40am

Warren Hill Road Therrien Rd (Intersection), Claybrook Road, Route 133 (Franklin Road) from Hyde Road to Jewell Street, Belleview, Hillsdale, Highland Drive, Reservoir Road, Hermit Trail, Lavoie Street, Eastern & Western Avenues, Franklin Road to Hyde Rd.

Daycares: Anita Hill


BUS #27

Special Needs Bus

Driver:   Becky Richards

Start time from bus garage: To Be Determined

Route to be determined and parents contacted directly.

Take Home Route: To Be Determined