Spruce Mountain Technology Department


Meet The Team

Chris Hollingsworth

Curriculum Coordinator/
Technology Coordinator
E: CHollingsworth@rsu73.com
P: (207) 897-6722 Ext. 121

Tech Lead | Data Specialist
Middle School
P: (207) 897-4319 Ext. 223
High School
P: (207) 897-4336 Ext. 242

Mark Bonnevie

IT Services | MLTI Tech Lead
E: MBonnevie@rsu73.com
Middle School
P: (207) 897-4319 Ext. 223
High School
P: (207) 897-4336 Ext. 242

Welcome to the RSU73 Technology Webpage! The Technology Team tries to keep this webpage as current as possible. We strive for it to be informative, but not overwhelming. From this page you should get an idea of the district policies, programs, and practices the Technology Department ensures. Please view the Technology Use – Permission & Agreement Form.

RSU73 has many of its devices leased by the state through the Maine Learning Technology Initiative and is in the midst of piloting Chromebooks as well. iPad’s, LCD projectors, interactive smart boards and Apple TV’s are also scattered throughout the schools. The Technology Department works hard to ensure that quality and functional technology enhances the teaching and learning experience for RSU 73.

In sum, this webpage should be a resource to explore and provide insight to the technology we use and maintain. Please visit often and provide feedback on what this page does well and can improve on.

Tech Tuesdays: Communicate. Engage. Learn.


Upcoming Dates:

  • To Be Announced


  • 3:00pm-4:00pm


  • SMHS Library

Sessions are not mandatory, but cover important information regarding the use of district technology & the new Power Teacher Pro interface. All staff are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Technology Dept. Goals

  1. Make a commitment to support technology as a viable instructional strategy!
  2. Maintain a working infrastructure of technology equipment and software while anticipating for future needs.
  3. Be responsive to technology needs, interests and goals to create the best possible learning environment.
  4. Create an effective, dynamic, current, adjustable tech plan.

Upcoming Tech Committee Meetings


  • To Be Announced


  • To Be Announced


  • RSU #73 Central Office

Device Information

Device Insurance

RSU 73 will purchase group insurance for the 2019-20′ school year. The coverage plan is for accidental damage only with a $0 deductible. Visit Device Protection Policy to read about coverage.

Accidental damage does not cover:

  • Corrosion & Rust
  • Cosmetic Damage (i.e. Bends, dings, dents, scratches to the device)
  • Dishonest Acts
  • Intentional Acts
  • Manufacture Defects
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Nuclear Hazard
  • Power Surge (except lightning)
  • Theft from an Unattended Vehicle
  • Unexplained Loss or Mysterious Disappearance
  • War-Government Seizure
  • Wear And Tear

Situations and acts that are not covered by this insurance plan will not limited to the listed examples above. The approval or denial of any claim is the sole discretion of the insurer. Visit the Worth Ave Group for more information.