Spruce Mountain Middle School After School Activities

Spruce Mountain Middle School

After School Activities

Once again,  ALL Spruce Mountain Middle School students have access to an online Math program called ALEKS (www.aleks.com).  All students have login names and passwords.  The program is web based, which means students can access it from any computer connected to the internet.  Students will be using the ALEKS program in their math class and it creates an individualized math program for each student.  After taking an assessment, ALEKS provides lessons on concepts that the student is ready to learn next.  The program is a great way for students to work on math that is tailored to their individual needs.  Many students use ALEKS at home and make great strides in their understanding of math.  Students that spend 3-5 hours per week on ALEKS usually see improvement in their math performance.  To maximize the effectiveness of ALEKS, using it at home at least an hour a week is recommended.  The more students use ALEKS, the more growth they will see.

There is an after school ALEKS Math Club that meets on Monday and Study Buddies which meets Monday through Thursday available for students to work on ALEKS as well.  Both programs are part of the Spruce Mountain Middle School After School Program.  Math teachers, college students from UMF, and peer tutors will be available to work with students during these times. Students must sign up for the late bus before the close of school if they wish to stay after for either program.


New Dates To Be Set Soon

(FUN AND GAMES AFTER SCHOOL) WILL BE OFFERED TO ALL ELIGIBLE STUDENTS/ALL GRADES (No field hockey, soccer and cross country) on the following dates.

Activties will be offered from 2:10-3:10 and students will need to either ride the 3:10 late bus or have a ride home.  They may also choose to stay and watch any home games that follow on that date.  Students that need academic help should stay for Study Buddies before attending intramurals.  Students that have ANY form of detention or other disciplinary consequences on the following dates are NOT allowed to attend.