G. Personnel

Section G of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on all school employees except for the superintendent (policies on the school chief are located in Section C, General Administration).  The category is divided into three main divisions:  GB has policies applying to all school employees or to general personnel matters; GC refers to instructional and administrative staff; and GD refers to support or classified staff.

GBB – Staff Involvement in Decision Making

GBEBB – Staff Conduct With Students

GBEBD – Maintenance of the Workplace

GBEC – Drug-Free Workplace

GBED – Tobacco Free Campus — Faculty and Staff Tobacco Policy

GBEE – Alcohol and Drug Policy and Testing Procedures

GBEF – Employee Use of Cell Phones & Other Electronic Communication Devices

GBGAA – Bloodborne Pathogens

GBJ – Personnel Records and Files

GBM – Use of School Facilities and Equipment by School Department Personnel

GBN – Family and Medical Leave
GBN-R1 Family & Medical Leave Administrative Procedure (Federal)
GBN-R2 Maine Family & Medical Leave Administrative Procedure (State of Maine)

GBO – Family Care Leave

GCF – Professional Staff Hiring

GCFB – Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff
GCFB-R – Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff Procedure

GCG – Substitute Teachers

GCI – Professional Staff Development Opportunities

GCK – Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

GCN – Supervision and Evaluation of Professional Staff

GCOA – Evaluation of Instructional Staff
GCOA-E Teacher Evaluation

GCOC – Evaluation of Administrative Staff

GCQC – Resignation of Professional Staff

GCSA – Employee Computer & Internet Use
GCSA-R Employee Computer & Internet Use Rules
GCSA-E Employee Acceptable Use Policy Form
GCSA-E1 – Employee Computer & Internet Use Acknowledgement Form
GCSA-E2 – Employee Request to Use Privately-Owned Computer Form

GDB – RSU 73 System Support Staff Personnel Policy

GDF – Support Staff Hiring

GDJ – Support Staff Assignments and Transfers